What Is Causing Uproar Amongst Seniors?

As the baby boomer generation is getting older, there seems to be less a reliance on children to take care of the elderly. Advents in modern medicine are also letting generations live longer which is contributing to this trend. We are finding that there is a shift in group responsible for taking care of the elderly as well. Historically, and in some cultures, the responsibility to care for the elderly typically resides within the family. So as a grandparent needs help with their daily activities or routines they will move in with their child’s family. This is particularly relevant in more Eastern cultures.

Within Western cultures, this is not the case. Western families would rather opt to pay an assisted living facility, which is also creating complications within the family. Many of these elderly people are feeling abandoned by their own family members, yet they also do not want to count on their young to take care of them. This is creating a newly confusing aspect of life that didn’t use to exist, given lifespans have never lasted this long.

While aging is changing, the care to assist with aging is changing as well. Senior psychology and thoughts about their own aging is improving in this space. Many seniors accept this as a natural part of life, and with the right care, can live happy lives within an assisted living facility. The hope for most seniors is to stay active and healthy for as long as possible.