Veteran Is Turning His Life Around, Help Him Find His Son!

At 17, Winkelspecht joined the military and wasn’t able to take care of his newborn son, also named David. By the time he returned home from serving in the first Gulf War, the young father and veteran lost track of his family.

Time and distance got the best of Winkelspecht, who was down on his luck for decades to come. Like most veterans, David struggled assimilating back into civilian life. He found that the job market was weak and that he lacked the skills to sustain a job. The most daunting task for David was confronting his own demons from the war. David suffered from PTSD, which he combated with heavy drug and alcohol abuse. Above all, the lack of connection with his son created an emptiness in his life he could never fill.

After a year of living on the street, Winkelspecht made a life-changing decision. He would make tireless effort to clean himself up and gather the funds needed to meet his long lost son. Instead of panhandling for drugs, David would spend hours on end on the computer at the public library researching the whereabouts of his son.

David reached out to us to share his story in hopes that viewers will spread the word about his viral story to help David find his son, who is also named David Winkelspecht. If you have any information please reach out to us. David Winkelspecht Jr. should be around the age of 25 and have blonde hair, blue eyes, and light features.