University Student Drops Out After Assault To Fund Mobile App

The footage, which Seattle’s top police officer called “reprehensible,” quickly went viral online. In the shaky video, a terrified young man in a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants is seen crouching in a corner while the 20-year-old man can be seen cowering with his back to the wall, another voice can be heard repeatedly beating him and shouting, “Go back to your country!”

“It’s painful for me to rewatch the video,” Rijad told FN. “I realized that it was painful for others to watch the video as well. Lot’s of people saw this video and were affected by it. It created an impact. And that’s when the idea for AbateH8 dawned on me.”

AbateH8 is mobile application dedicated to amplifying the voices of Americans of all colors. They work with schools and different youth organizations to inspire a generation to coexist. This “Social Movement Platform” allows users to detail the racist events they’ve endured and interact in real time. The idea is to bring about justice in those committing the offenses and education to those consuming the content.

When FN asked Rijad how he raised the cash to fund his venture he mentioned that it was a failure at first, noting that raising money is hard, particularly for a “college student living on Top Ramen.”