Snapchat Is Changing The Dating World In The UK

Dating in 2016 is much different than it ever has been before. Want to see where your girlfriend is and just enable location on your phone, want to see what your boyfriend is up to then just check on your Snapchat. There is no imagination needed in this new social media era. Snapchat has hit the social media scene by storm. Snapchat is unique, what you post in your story is not visible after 24 hours, and what you send to someone is not visible after they first view it. Often times couples use this platform to send private pictures to each other, but like with most things there is a catch. A user looking at a story or a private message can take a screenshot.


Now taking a screenshot will notify the posting party, but the picture will still belong to the person doing the screenshot. Greg and Ashley were no different. They were in a long distance relationship so they often used Snapchat as a way to communicate and send private pictures. Unfortunately, Ashley was not in favor of the long distance relationship after a few years and thought it would be better if they dated other people. Now she knows that Greg has taken screenshots of private Snapchats she has sent to him and fears that he may use it against her.

She is doing her part in educating her friends to not make the same mistake as her. Often times people forget that social media posts are stored to the cloud, and once something has been sent it can always be retrieved. Therefore it would be wise to not send anything that you wouldn’t want your children, boss or significant other to look at.


Do you know anyone sending pictures they shouldn’t be on Snapchat? If so share this story and prevent this epidemic from happening. Education defeats ignorance every single time.