She Shared Her Bank Info With Her Boyfriend…You Won’t Believe It

When you trust someone you are willing to keep no secrets and allow them access into all your resources, but what if someone breaks that trust. This is exactly what happened to Samantha Kellins.

Samantha and her Boyfriend shared a joint bank account. They weren’t married but they had been a couple for three plus years. Samantha thought it would be better to share bank accounts since her boyfriend was in graduate school and wasn’t working.


Little did she know that those late night studies session were really spent getting bottle service at the club. Samantha said in the past 6 months her boyfriend spent over 11 thousand dollars at the club. When she found the charges she was shocked. The relationship couldn’t be fixed and currently Samantha is looking into small claims court to get her money back.

Samantha’s boyfriend Kyrie declined an interview with us, so we decided to do some investigating ourselves.

We found out that he was actually never attending graduate school and actually had a wife and two kids. He was using Samantha for her money to support her own family.

Not sure how you support your family by spending 11 thousands dollars at the club. Some people don’t have any morals or ethics. It truly is sick

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