Shark assault surfer Darren Mills tells how he got away Great White

English surfer Darren Mills has talked about the frightening minute when an incredible white shark clipped him in its enormous jaws.

Darren, 28, was paddling on his board when the 10ft predator jumped. It sunk its lethal teeth into his leg and started to drag him further from shore.

Amazingly, the urgent surfer got away from the shark’s intense hold by punching it on the nose.

Talking in point of interest surprisingly about the assault in New Zealand, Darren said: “Unexpectedly I felt a breathtaking bang. I saw the shark had clasped its jaws around my leg and surfboard.

“It didn’t look genuine. I could see its gums stretched out from its mouth with columns of teeth covering it. It was sticking me to the board with its jaws.

“I began punching it on the nose, a touchy region for a shark, then got hold of its nose and attempted to prise it off. It more likely than not been on my leg for four seconds however it felt a great deal longer.

“When it let me go, it did a gigantic turn, flicking its tail high noticeable all around as it went.”

Darren, who was losing enormous measures of blood and was startled the executioner would come back to complete the employment, hysterically paddled the 30 yards to shore, shouting “help”.

He had four enormous nibble blemishes on his right leg and a grisly cut injury. One slash was 3in profound. His buddy on the shoreline utilized the surfboard’s chain as a tourniquet.

Darren said: “That is the point at which I first saw the injury. There was this huge piece of substance hanging out of a tear in my wetsuit. I was frightened. I got it into my head I was going to pass on from loss of blood.”

Shark attack victim Darren Mills after surgery, at Southland Hospital, to a shark bite on his right leg while paddling during his surfing at Curio Bay, Catlins


Fortunately, an enjoying some downtime paramedic and a specialist were close by to help until a helicopter touched base to take him to doctor’s facility for an existence sparing operation.

Darren, who is from Croydon, South London, yet emigrated to Queenstown, New Zealand, can barely trust he survived the destroying. He has now been discharged from healing center after the February 7 assault in Porpoise Bay, off Catlins.

The aerating and cooling architect may require a year to recoup. He said: “It was amazingly intense however I don’t have hard feelings. It’s not put me off surfing.”