Man Gets Robbed While Searching For Pokémon

If you haven’t heard of the Pokemon craze then you probably live under a rock. As you know the objective of the game is to physically go to different areas in your city to capture hidden Pokemon. The concept seems fun, and has caused may users to became addicted, but also can be quite dangerous.

Meet Tom he recently quit his job to play Pokemon full time. Like many others he was going to places in his city he has never been to. Tom comes from a wealthy family, drives a new BMW and is well groomed, which made him the perfect victim for the predator that attacked him. It was around 11pm on a Thursday when Tom was at a park close to Compton (Tom lives in Beverly Hills), searching for Pokemon, when a man rushed him and told him to empty his pockets and forfeit all his belongings. Lucky for Tom he was not harmed, but the robber, took his wallet, phone, and car.


Tom has insurance on his car, and his wallet and phone can easily be replaced. The bigger picture is the danger around Pokemon Go. There are predators lurking the streets looking for people to catch late at night who are lost in the Pokemon Go game. It is important we educated our youth on the dangers associated with this, therefore they can be responsible going forward.

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