Homeless Man With A Golden Voice Gets A Second Chance



Five years back, Ted Williams was homeless and looking for an opportunity to share his gift to the world. The Columbus Dispatch posted a video of Williams, begging in favor of the street, flaunting a pitch-flawless commentator’s voice.

The video circulated around the web, and William’s striking baritone was heard the world over. The video soon got dubbed “man with the golden voice.”



Soon after the video Ted got an opportunity to make a career out of his voice, but then alcohol and drugs brought him down.

Ted stated that fame came too fast and he wasn’t ready for it which caused a lot of depression. He went from not a penny to his name to being in Hollywood wanted by all.

After his initial falling out we thought we had heard the last of Ted Williams, but he is back again. The Dispatch reported earlier this week that he is co-hosting a radio show on Columbus’ “The Praise,” WVKO-AM.

Ted states that he now feels that he has a chance to succeed given this second chance. He hopes to one day open up a dry cleaning service for the homeless so they can have clean clothes and sheets. He also hopes to one day be a professional announcer for an NFL or NBA team.

Ted asked for a chance and got one five years ago and now he is given that chance all over again. Stay tuned for more updated here @ 4REALS.NET