Football Fan Has An Allergic Reaction

A FOOTBALL fan told last night how he nearly died after wolfing down a post-match doner kebab.

Ben Eason, 20, suffered a severe allergic reaction to the snack, which he did not realise contained nuts.

Ben in intensive care

His throat swelled up, leaving him unable to breathe, and he only came round when paramedics injected his heart with adrenaline.

The Fulham fan was rushed to hospital where he spent three days in intensive care.

Ben, who had just seen his side lose 2-1 away to Brentford, vowed never to eat another kebab.

He said: “The game was a wash-out, we lost in the dying minutes — and then minutes later, I was dying.”

Fulham supporter Ben before the incident
Fulham supporter Ben before the incident SWNS

The insurance worker, of Hastings, East Sussex, added: “If the ambulance had been late or I’d been further from the hospital it would have been Goodnight Vienna.”

Dietician Ursula Philpot, of TV series Supersize vs Superskinny, said: “ “You can never really know what’s in a doner kebab.

“They are made from offcuts from various sources.”