Don’t Be Quick To Divorce

Hein site is not always 20/20. When you get married you anticipate it to be like the movies. Well real life is a lot different than we see life to be in the movies. To be married to a person is a huge commitment. The fairy tale stage usually ends after the first year and you truly get to see your partner with no filter. This can cause issues in a marriage and often lead to a divorce.

Divorce is an option we all try to avoid but sometimes there is no other choice. The same can be said for Michael. He decided to divorce his wife of ten years and live the single life.

Now just as we envision the marriage life to be a certain way, we also envision the single life to be a certain way as well. Michael quickly realized that meeting women wasn’t as easy as he thought. He noticed how hard it is to meet women who had the same values and goals as him. He quickly learned to not look for his soul mate and instead to look for his best friend.

His Ex wife was his best friend. They did everything together and even though the sex appeal wasn’t quite as on fire as the start of the relationship the bond was still strong. Now Michael is on a mission to win over his Ex wife once more.

Before ending a relationship ask yourself one thing, is this person my best friend. If the answer is yes, the rest of the issues can be solved.