Child Taken On Way Home From School, Saved!

Last week, Rachel’s seven-year-old boy was snatched by a stranger in a terrifying ordeal as he walked home from school with his mother in east London. The pupil was in school uniform was picked up by a man who then fled the scene in Bow.  

What Rachel didn’t know was that her ex-husband orchestrated a ransom scheme to get revenge on Rachel by getting a piece of the money. By being transparent with police early on in the investigation, and with the help of Rachel’s eldest son who was able to chase down the suspect and deliver key information, authorities were able to make an arrest and retrieve Ben Lauderdale. This was done by pinpointing the father’s location via smartphone GPS to a storage unit.

“I’m not surprised that my husband would attempt such a stunt. There was a reason why we parted ways to begin with. I’m confident that he will get what he deserves in the courts.”

GLOUCESTER, UNITED KINGDOM: Police officers block off St James Street in Gloucester, 28 November 2003, after explosive material was found at No 44 yesterday evening. Police searched a second address Friday in Gloucester, in the west of England, a day after they arrested a 24-year-old man with suspected links to al-Qaeda and convicted "shoe bomber" Richard Reid. AFP PHOTO/ Martyn HAYHOW (Photo credit should read MARTYN HAYHOW/AFP/Getty Images)

This case is a strong victory for British authorities after past failures in this arena.  Many citizens still look unfavorably upon how authorities handled the Rotherham scandal where over 1,400 children were exploited. Many reports were never finalised or made public by authorities. This victory should serve to bridge the trust lost over past child abductions.